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attribute blame, and they give positive feedback in place of excuses
4. They think and talk and know what they want in the positive—in detail
5. They surround themselves with people and places that radiate a positive outlook
6. They have an appetite for taking Smart Risks
7. They know how to talk to all types of strangers
8. They have a purpose and a project: Statement of Fortune
9. They enter flow (one thing leads to another) through non-judgment
10. Epiphanies and serendipity replace fear as a way of life
Some fears are natural and there to keep you alive, but when fear becomes a prison and is used against you, you are spiritually bound to break free. You came into this world with just two fears: the fear of falling and the fear of sudden loud noises—all babies are born that way. All the rest of your fears you learned for yourself from your family, your neighbors, your teachers, your pastor, the movies, TV or your nasty in-laws.
Some fears are justified. I wouldn’t recommend running across a busy highway or jumping over Niagara Falls, but the fears that hold you back, that keep you safe but stuck, like

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