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speaking in public, going to a party alone or changing careers, are blocking the way of better things to come.
We are pre-conditioned to avoid risks even though we deal with them on a daily basis. As a result, we turn away from opportunities to create the jobs we dream of, build the lives we long for, and make the moves that catapult our ideas to success. "Do one thing every day that scares you,” Eleanor Roosevelt said, “On the other side of that fear, opportunity awaits.”
To a cautious person Eleanor Roosevelt’s advice might sound a little crazy. Fear is, after all, an intelligent way to protect ourselves from unnecessary risks and danger. A way to keep ourselves safe. Why then, would someone who plays by the rules deliberately put themselves in situations that threaten their well-being - it goes against their nature and their upbringing. You might be afraid to extend an invitation, or to reach out to someone, for fear of being rejected. Or avoid attempting something new for fear you'd fail. Or withhold an opinion or not take a stand, for fear you'd be criticized or ridiculed. Nobody likes rejection, failure, ridicule, and criticism —or do they?
Confident people are not afraid of failure. They know there’s no such thing as failure; there’s only feedback. Feedback is course correction on your path to success. Instead of inspiring you to self-pity, they let it inspire self-examination: “What did I learn and what will I do differently next time?” If you don’t welcome feedback you’ll continue treading the same

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