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unconscious loop: make the same move, get the same response, feel rotten.
Confident people are not afraid of rejection. They know there’s no such thing as rejection; there’s only selection. One of the main reasons people are uncomfortable reaching out socially is the fear of rejection, but it’s a mistake to look at it this way. Rejection isn’t personal; it’s part of the natural selection process. You wouldn’t walk into a car showroom and buy the first car you saw. Instead, you’d start your new car project with a general idea of what you want, then try out a few models until you found one that felt right. Most of the ones you’d reject would be perfectly fine automobiles for someone else—just not you. You go through the same process of selection when buying a new outfit, a home and just about anything else of importance to your life.
When you find your Statement of Fortune your response to failure and rejection changes dramatically from "everything that can go wrong, does" to "everything that can go right, will."
Fortune is a beautiful word with many connotations: luck, future, fate, chance, destiny, wealth and blessed. The word springs lightly from the Latin word Fortuna, the Goddess of Chance. When you know where your fortune lies she presents you with good fortune: an ongoing chain of chance encounters and lucky breaks where one good thing leads to another.
Statements of Fortune seem trite and puny to other people, but they are totally inspirational to the person who’s statement it

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