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is. It’s as if suddenly there’s a point to their life, a direction to their reason for being and unity to their enthusiasm. But, to anyone else they don't mean much.
Here are a few more examples.
• “I make people away from home feel like friends”
• “I search out and bring art to the world”
• “I balance nature with landscaping.”
• “I monitor nutrition.”
• “I challenge the status quo and design products that are beautiful and user friendly”
• “We change the world through stories”
• “I seek patterns of order so I can protect others”
• “I give women the courage to succeed”
• “I crystalize real good”
• “I shepherd lost sheep”
• “I make learning fun”
See! I'll bet they don't mean much to you at all. But, "I search out and bring art to the world" does mean the world to Ralph Lauren the famous American fashion designer, philanthropist and business tycoon. After serving in the US Army Ralph got a job as a tie salesman. When he was 26, he was inspired to design a wide, European-style necktie he had seen Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. wearing, but his idea was rejected

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