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by the company as being not commercially viable. Propelled by his vision, Ralph started his own company turning rags into artistic ties and selling them to small shops in New York City under the name of Polo. His mission, to search out and bring art to the world through fashion. Today Ralph Lauren has a net worth of over 8 billion dollars.
“I challenge the status quo and design products that are beautiful and user friendly” did mean the world to Steve Jobs. And he was inspired to produce computers and phones and subsequently much more.
“We change the world through stories” does mean the world to the founders of TED talks.
Fixing your future begins with polishing up your present. Part of that means removing all the negative prompters you’ve picked up over your lifetime. Ask someone to give you ten words to describe themselves and you’ll discover they can’t. Not accurately. For example, they might say they are “caring”, “creative” and “organized” when, if you dig a little deeper, you discover that when they say caring, what they actually mean is “vigilant.” When they say “creative” when what they really mean is “inventive.” And by “organized” they may really mean “methodical”.
This may seem like splitting hairs but a caring, creative, organized person is not the same person as a vigilant, inventive, methodical person. This becomes more obvious when you look

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