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was written “antisocial.” But deep down you are still super- sociable”
“You are right.” She hugged me with happy tears.
“People say I’m negative” Mehdi explained, “I’ll be in a meeting and someone comes up with a great idea and I get mad that I didn’t come up with an idea like that myself.” I pointed out that he was probably defining “competitive” not “negative”. He was relieved to get closer to his true self.
Try it for yourself now or come back later later. Here is the first of ten steps towards finding your own Statement of Fortune:
1. Write down ten words to describe yourself. Make sure they are the first words your imagination throws at you. Make sure you write them down unedited. They can be good traits or bad traits. Chances are, after 5 words you’ll say that’s it, I don’t have any more. But stay at it until you have all ten then take a break.
2. Take each word and, in detail, answer the question, “what do I really mean by (word number one). For example, look deeply enough into ‘caring’ and you might find protective, possessive or dominating. Be scrupulously honest with yourself. You’ll feel a huge sense of relief each time you hit the mark. Do this for all of the words then take another break.

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