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3. Using a Roget’s Dictionary Thesaurus, look up each of the ten words you used to describe yourself and, referring to the notes you made in the last exercise, see if there’s a better, more precise, more accurate word to replace your original word. Go through your list. Take your time.
A Statement of Fortune is for your eyes only. It’s a fast and compelling way to stay focused and inspired. You rule when you ask yourself, "Am I doing it now or not?" If the answer is “Yes,” you’re on track to a life without limits.
In chapter 15: Out of the Fog, you’ll find 14 simple exercises to guide you through the process of finding your Statement. I recommended you read the entire book first, then come back and do them. Or you can pick and choose as you go, in which case draw a circle around the ones that resonate with you and fold over the corner of the page. Or you can consider them as optional and leave them for a rainy day. You decide. You rule.
By now you might be thinking, “Fine, I buy all that, but who the heck are you to write a book like this?”
Who the Heck are You Mr. Boothman!
I’m sometimes asked if I get nervous speaking on stage in front of hundreds or thousands of people and I say no, I overcame that fear when I was 14 years old.

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