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I wasn't the most attractive kid in the world and I could never get a girlfriend. I figured the best way to get one was to sing in a rock and roll band, so when a local group was auditioning for a singer, I went to the audition. They just laughed and said you must be joking – have you ever looked in the mirror? But I kept pushing and they agreed to let me try. I was terrified but I figured the reward of a girlfriend outweighed the risk of making a fool of myself so, in a 10-second burst of crazy courage, I burst through that barrier, sang like a lunatic and got the job.
Three years later, in another 10-second burst of crazy courage, I landed a job in London as assistant to the great Francis Xavier Muldoon, an advertising and marketing genius who set my head on fire with his wisdoms. I’ve written extensively about my adventures with Muldoon in my other books and even get fan mail about him.
Two months before my nineteenth birthday Muldoon retired so, in yet another burst, I packed it in and went off with some friends to open a bistro in the south of Portugal. When it failed I found myself penniless. I hitch-hiked to Lisbon and quickly got a job singing in a Portuguese rock band. I spent the next two years living in paradise in a luxury resort in Albufeira on Portugal’s Algarve coast, one of Europes trendiest resorts at the time, playing four nights a week for tourists, trendies and TV stars like Tom Jones, Cliff Richards, Paul McCartney and dozens of super-models and photographers out there on high

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