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Chapter 2
You Rule Your Self-Talk
Over the last 160 years the human lifespan in the western world has grown by more than 40 years. That means, on average every four years it’s grown by one year, that’s one day every four days. That’s six hours a day. In other words, a baby born tomorrow will live six hours longer than a baby born today.
Researchers at Germany’s Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, one of the world’s leading, and Nobel Prize winning authorities on the subject, say there is no biological or evolutionary reason for this growth to slow down. Actuaries in that country forecast a child born in 2022 will, on average, live to 108. But they won’t for three reasons. Their self-talk, their postal code and their unwillingness to take risks will whisk them away before their time is up.
Your Self-Talk, the way you explain your life and circumstances to yourself and others, has a profound impact on your self-control. your decisions, your personality, your lifestyle, your confidence, your health, your wealth and your

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