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destiny. It’s a habit, or style, that can harm or help you—and it’s easy to fix.
Your Postal Code (your personal environment and circumstances) has more effect on your luck and your lifespan than your genetic code. Spending time with people who radiate a positive outlook is the single most critical factor to your future luck. Your spirit is impacted by when and where you were born, by the environment and locality you were raised in and by your occupation and how your life is going. This doesn’t mean you have to move: just make more of what’s around you. It’s easier to fix than you might think.
Your willingness to break barriers, step out of our comfort zones and take risks give you unlimited access chance encounters and lucky breaks. We hold within ourselves the resources and resourcefulness to accomplish ten times more than we ever do but we are limited, not by what we can do but by what we’re willing to try. People who see risk as something to be avoided or eliminated are saying goodbye to growth and personal achievement. People who embrace risks say hello to power, synchronicity and serendipity. This is your choice. You rule.
Who’s the Boss of You?
Just because someone tells you something can’t be done doesn’t mean that it can’t. It just means they can’t do it.

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