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Last summer I was sitting in my car in a Home Depot parking lot with a friend. We were listening to a discussion about coffee on the radio. A so-called expert said, “It’s virtually impossible to give up caffeine cold turkey.”
My friend says, “See. He’s right. That’s why I can’t quit. I’m helpless.”
I say, "Why?"
He says, "Even the experts say it's impossible." I say, “What nonsense. Who is this idiot?”
It was perfect. I’d been searching for a simple way to explain one of the most fundamental theories in personality psychology; it’s called Locus of Control. Locus means location: are you ruled internally or externally: from the inside or the outside.
This earth-shaking social learning theory was developed in 1954 by the American psychologist Julian Rotter and refers to an individual's belief that their destiny is ruled either internally by they themselves or externally by forces like fate or so-called “powerful others” like doctors, politicians, teachers, celebrities, the nightly news etc..
In general, someone with External Rule is good at spotting problems and tends to talk using negative language. When things don’t turn out as they wanted they blame others instead of taking responsibility. I’ve met lots of externally ruled people who say they’re unlucky but if you look closely you find luck

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