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has nothing to do with it, they’re just really really good at making really really bad decisions and carrying them out really really well.
People with Internal Rule keep control of their lives inside themselves. They tend to ask questions in the positive and process feedback rather than blaming others. They are good at spotting opportunities and talk and think in the positive. And most of all they take responsibility for their decisions.
There are lots of advantages to Internal Rule. People achieve more, they’re less likely to become addicted, less likely to conform, they recover more quickly from bad situations and they’re more resilient.
External Rule has its short term advantages. It can be less stressful and quite relaxing to lay back and blame everyone else for your problems, but sooner or later increased helplessness and even depression are high prices to pay.
As we grow older it becomes obvious that we always have a choice and that ducking choices is actually choosing to let other people or circumstances make your choices for you.
My friend with the caffeine problem used the expert to cement his helplessness. He is ruled from the outside. Although loathe to admit it, most people are ruled from the outside. The moment you blame someone or something else or make excuses for your lot in life you have handed over control and responsibility for your life because you have surrendered your ability to respond. That's what the word "responsibility" means -

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