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A Statement of Fortune
Imagine for a moment, in your mind’s eye, that just before you were born you found yourself in a line-up. In your hand you had a slip of paper. On that paper you had written down, in one short phrase, the reason you deserve to be born. The only condition is that it has to be something to benefit humanity because we know humanity evolves over time. We call this phrase your Statement of Fortune.
When you get to the front of the line-up they look at your Statement of Fortune and either say "Not good enough, go back and try again," or else they say "Great, very good, you can get born.”
Armed with your Statement they send you over to the "To- Be-Born Supply Department" to be fitted out with all the core attributes you’ll need to accomplish your purpose.
Depending on what you’ve written they might grant you patience, caring, creativity, courage, humor, organizational skills, eloquence, etc., whatever you need.
Once you are filled to the brim with your core attributes you are ready to get born. But here's the catch; just before you leave, the powers-that-be tear-up your Statement of Fortune and wipe your conscious memory. So, here you find yourself, knowing deep down you are uniquely equipped for something but you haven't got a clue what it is.
Not consciously at least!

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