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                                                                                  Automate order processing procedures & facilitate
                                                                                   intelligent stock management and replenishment
                                                                                throughout and across your branch/warehouse network.

                                              COMPLETE FINANCIALS
                                         Manage all your financial reporting
                                         & management accounts in a single
                                       solution which also incorporates fully
                                        integrated online customer account
      Designed for                                       management.
      the Electrical

      Wholesale                                 ANYTIME, ANYWHERE
                                                     MOBILE ACCESS
                                        A personalised mobile work tool that
      Industry                          gives your employees 24/7 access to
                                         view and capture relevant business
      Time spent policing every        information on their mobile devices in
      aspect of your business                   real-time including PODs.
      means less time growing it.
      Intact iQ is a feature-               INTEGRATED ECOMMERCE
      rich, easy to use business        Integrate your web store with Intact
      software solution designed          iQ and the relevant PIM database,
      to get you operating at                   e.g. Luckins, held therein.
      your best with real-time,
      accurate information and
                                                                                         TRADE COUNTER, EPOS
                                                                               Fast, accurate order processing and real-time visibility
                                                                                   of your net cost, margin & stock information.
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