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Joseph Yagar ( e Legatus Group), medical student Emilie Song, and Dr. Joseph Brown.
Dr. Joel & Nancy Silver eld, Dr. Michael Wasylik, Dr. Robert and Susan Isbell, Dr. Carol Hodges, and Dr. Ed Homan.
Dr. Michael Albrink, Dr. Jarred Wallen, Michelle Robey, and Abigal Espeut.
Drs. Fred Bearison, Dennis Agliano, Todd Kumm, and David Tulsiak.
Photo G
Membership Dinner
Florida Department of Law Enforcement Special Agent, Co and our businesses, are on the World Wide Web. He suggeste that if a breach were to happen, and 500 or more patient recor General. He went on to report how social media can open all
For additional information or to report a suspected cyb Bay Regional Operations Center Cyber/High Tech Crimes S Monaghan recommended an excellent resource everyone sho
 e annual Cherry Bekaert and HCMA Foundation medic ents were Amanda Vakos and Ariel Crocker.
Many thanks to our sponsors, Florida Hospital Tampa, Pre rick, and Tower Radiology Centers for their continued suppo
 e Annual HCMA/Cherry Bekaert medical student scholarship was awarded. HCMA President, Dr. Fred Bearison, presented Ms. Amanda Vakos, MD Candidate Class of 2020 at USF, with a $1,500 scholarship.
Erin Aebel, a
with Shumaker, Loop & Kendrick, one of the evening’s sponsors.
Drs. Bruce Shephard, Ernesto Ruas, Joaquin Diaz, an
Dr. Eva Crooke mentored
Madeline MacDonald and Brittany Gaudet.
Drs. Jairo Parada, Cha Eichberg.
HCMA BULLETIN, Vol 63, No. 6 – March/Aril 2018

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