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In 1946 two brothers, Ernest and Martin Hochster began a journey to create a brand that embodied everything that makes America truly unique. They combined sweat of brow with an entrepreneurial spirit and Panhandle Western Wear was born. The company has stayed in the Hochster family for 75 years and today a third generation has created a denim brand that grew from a small idea into a true western original. Ten years have passed since Rock and Roll Denim was first launched but even today we look at things with a discerning eye and attempt to create original western pieces. Rock and Roll Denim continues to embody true Americana with a western spirit and attitude that speaks to our heritage. We stand behind every garment we make and hope that Rock and Roll Denim will become your favorite jean brand.
Westmoor Manufacturing makers of Panhandle Western Wear and Rock and Roll Denim Jeff, Lenny, and Jamison Hochster

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