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ENGLISH LANGUAGE DEVELOPMENT HMH® programs emphasize strong language literacy and communication development and and Program/Grade Levels
Areas of Focus
ESSA Evidence Level English Learner Supports
iRead® Grades K–2
Foundational Reading
Ensure reading success by
third grade by
helping primary students including English learners and newcomers master all foundational reading skills • Moderate evidence level
• Download research reports at hmhco com/iread
Explicit high-utility vocabulary instruction rst language support in Spanish pronunciation modeling Spanish word translations and summaries in in Spanish bilingual family portal small-group targeted lessons multicultural content
System 44® Grades 3–12
Foundational Reading
Help English learners newcomers and struggling readers master foundational reading skills as a a a a a prerequisite to uent reading • Strong evidence level
• Download research reports at hmhco com/system44
Anchor videos for background knowledge explicit academic vocabulary and language instruction vocabulary support through imagery rst language support in Spanish pronunciation modeling multicultural content
bilingual family portal English 3D® Grades 4–12
English Language Development
Expedite language acquisition for all academic language learners long-term English learners advanced ELL/ELD students and community dialect speakers with this proven program by
Dr Kate Kinsella • Promising evidence level
• Download research reports at hmhco com/english3d
Instructional routines to build academic vocabulary daily
opportunities for academic speaking listening and writing language forms and functions for speaking and writing HMH FAMILY ENGAGEMENT
HMH Family Engagement PreK–Grade 12
Family Engagement for English Learner Families
Improve academic outcomes for English learners and newcomers by
building e e e ective school- to-home partnerships with the ultimate goal of working together to best serve students • Download program brochure at hmhco com/ familyengagement
Family Guides available in Spanish and English Connect with us:

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