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Katherine Pinkard -1/-1/0/1
Katherine is a lifelong equestrian, having grown up with horses in her backyard. After a successful amateur career winning many year-end championships in the show hunters, Katherine began playing polo in the summer of 2020 and was hooked on the sport after only a few lessons. She lives in Hunt Valley and runs Pinkard Properties, a Baltimore-based commercial real estate services firm.
Hannah Reynolds 0.5/2/4/4
Hannah has been playing for 12 years throughout the east coast and central regions of the nation. She began playing polo at Garrison Forest and at Marlan Farm. Hannah is currently a senior at Texas A&M University and is the women’s team captain. Hannah plays under the Quiet Creek Polo Team and is excited to be back in Maryland this summer!
Olivia Reynolds 0.5/2/4/4
Olivia been playing polo since 2nd grade, starting at Garrison Forest and moving to Marlan Farm. After competing all around the country in her middle and high school years she is now a freshman at Texas A&M being coached under Mike McCleary. Completing her first successful year at college, she’s excited to come home for the summer season at Maryland Polo Club!
David Silvestre 2T/1
David’s career in polo began in Mexico City where, as a teenager, he trained young horses for polo’s famous Gracida family. He went on to train for and play with several other top players in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. An excellent horseman and player, David is currently rated 2 goals and plays with PJ and Sara Orthwein while also managing their horse operations.

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