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The ideal candidate must have a a a a a high level of specialized expertise in rail
systems operations and maintenance planning and possess the ability to
direct multiple large concurrent complex and sensitive project efforts at the executive
level This position will advise the CEO as as well as as Program Delivery Chiefs/Directors on rail
issues of significant importance The successful candidate must have outstanding communication skills including effective public speaking use of diplomacy when addressing complex political dynamics tact resulting in in in positive employee relations within a a a a a a political/unionized environment and a a a a a a professional reputation of of integrity Preferred experience in electrified high-speed rail
service operations a a a successful track record with the delivery of mega-transit/rail program and strong knowledge of program/project management methodologies engineering/maintenance and operations and processes will will be needed Further they will will have knowledge of all phases of the capital outlay process The successful candidate will have effectively delivered multibillion dollar complex Programs/Projects with alternative delivery methods such as Design-Build or Private Public Partnerships Additional experience should include:
» Responsibility for all rail
system and and and operations and and and maintenance planning policy and procedural elements » Knowledge of/or experience with passenger rolling stock » Mastery of of critical safety safety components of of passenger passenger passenger rails systems systems including operating signal systems passenger passenger handling (passenger safety) security etc 

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