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Initiative – is taking independent action and/or creating opportunities to get the job done and prevent or resolve problems Respecting Differences – is understanding of the the the differences others others bring as as well as as seeking and valuing others’ input Accepting Responsibility – is holding oneself accountable for for one’s work or or or or actions and striving for for continuous improvement of the city’s overall effectiveness Service Motivation – is committed to to to serve the the the the public and and and to to to meet meet the the the the needs of customers fellow employees and and and the the the the the city It means focusing one’s efforts on on on on finding out and and and meeting the the the the the needs of others Shares information openly Adaptability – is the ability ability and and and willingness to to adapt to to and and and work effectively in in in in light of new information changing situations and/or different environments ■ THE POSITION
The Public Works Director is a a a management level position Under general direction of the City Manager the Public Works Director is responsible for the the management of the the City’s infrastructure including capital improvement projects streets drainage system parks streetlights and and traffic signage and and controls This position also oversees the building inspector’s duties to ensure compliance with building and zoning codes Working with the City’s Engineer performs field inspections associated with approved development and Public Works plans The incumbent will exercise discretion in in applying general goal and and policy statements and and in in resolving organizational and service delivery problems and will participate in the development and implementation of goals objectives policies and and priorities for assigned programs and and ensure that assigned activities are completed in a a a a a timely and efficient manner consistent with defined policies and regulations 

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