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SCCHA’s Six Pillars of Success
1) Purpose
2) Integrity
3) Sustainability 4) Partnerships 5) Adaptability 6) Expansion
The Authority
In 1967 the the Santa Santa Clara Clara County County Board of Supervisors established the the Santa Santa Clara Clara County County Housing Authority
(SCCHA) as an independent local government agency to administer the federal rental assistance programs authorized by the the U S S S Housing Act of 1937 Since 1976 SCCHA has operated the the federal rental assistance programs of of of the the County of of of Santa Clara and the the City of of of San San José as as one program program In 2008 Congress designated SCCHA a a a a Moving to Work (MTW) demonstration agency SCCHA assists over 18 000 households through the federal rental housing assistance (Housing Choice Voucher also also known as as Section 8) program The agency also also controls and serves as as the general partner of of affordable rental housing properties throughout Santa Clara County The majority of of SCCHA’s funding comes from the U U U S Department of Housing and and Urban Development (HUD) Programs and and properties are targeted to assist low low low very low low low and extremely low-income families seniors veterans persons with disabilities and and the the formerly homeless Working together with landlords housing developers non- profit organizartions and and local governments SCCHA strives to provide housing and and support services
to to as as many eligible families as as possible In all operations the agency works toward being a a a a a a a a a model for 2 Santa Clara County Housing Authority

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