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In all operations the the the agency works toward being a a a a a a a model for the the the innovative use of federal funds in in in the the the Section 8 program and and in in leveraging funds and and community partnerships to develop new affordable housing housing and to preserve existing affordable housing housing Some of SCCHA’s achievements include:
» Leading national efforts to to make housing assistance more cost cost effective since 2008 by by eliminating unnecessary documentation and and procedures thereby reducing the the the cost to administer the the the program and and the burden on voucher holders » Creation of landlord landlord and and and voucher holder programs programs to promote landlord landlord participation in our rental assistance programs » Creation of direct referral programs (Chronically Homeless Direct Direct Referral Referral Special Needs Direct Direct Referral) in in partnership with Santa Clara County that allow SCCHA to to target vouchers to to those most vulnerable in our community with a a robust service plan provided by the County » Strategic use of of project-based vouchers to promote the the development and operation of of permanent supportive housing housing apartments under the County’s Measure A affordable housing housing bond program » Pioneering use use of of of the federal federal Low Income Housing Tax Credit program to develop more than 2 300 units of of affordable housing maximizing local use of of federal dollars and consistently being considered a a a a a a a a “high performer” that exceeds standards for for quality in in Section 8 voucher program administration » Being the the first housing authority in in in in the the nation to earn a a a a a a a “Strong” ranking by Standard & Poor’s Santa Clara County Housing Authority

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