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The Director is responsible for creating and executing strategic public relations and communications programs for the Fire Chief Executive Leadership and the Orange County Fire Authority Board of Directors The new Director of Communications will establish public relations standards goals priorities operational plans policies and procedures The Director will create and maintain relations with news news media through news news releases press conferences briefings interviews media appearances correspondence and reports The Director of Communications also supervises the Public Public Information Officer (Fire Captain) Public Public Relations Manager Community Educators and Multi-Media personnel The Director serves at the the pleasure of the the Fire Chief and is hired as an At-Will employee The Director is a a member of the Orange County Fire Authority Executive Management Team and will be involved in in high level complex confidential discussions on on on on management decisions and and advise the Fire Chief Board Members and and staff regarding strategies for for the the delivery of of public information As a a a a part of of the the 10-member Executive Management Team the Director must be able to work collaboratively engage with and seek input and feedback from the entire Executive Management Team ■ THE AUTHORITY
The Orange County Fire Authority (OCFA) is a a Joint Powers Authority (JPA) and has a a a a 25-member Board of Directors with varying needs goals and objectives OCFA employees are represented by one of four labor groups Brian Fennessy is the current OCFA Fire Chief While OCFA is is a a a a a large organization their goal is is to ensure that the the communities they serve find what
they need with ease and the the OCFA is dedicated
to to making Orange County a a a a a a safer place to to live work and play OCFA is continually working to ensure that their training equipment and facilities meet the the changing needs of the the citizens
and communities they serve Their strength as as an an an organization is based on on the the the unwavering commitment to excellence held by the the the men men men and women of the the the Department There are are 7 divisions and and 11 battalions servicing 23 cities and and the unincorporated areas of Orange County Please click here to to see the 20th Anniversary report for for more historical information about OCFA 

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