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Having clear easy to read step by step instructions for locking out equipment
or machinery
is critical to maintaining your site safety Our Lock Out Procedure Writing Service delivers everything you need to to achieve this and includes a a a a a a site review to to ascertain the the scope of of the the project creation of of your equipment
list and energy source points creation of specific machine Lock Out procedures detailing step step by step step photographic guides and training for for personnel for future use Hosted on on a a secure cloud- based platform this allows for for dynamic real time changes and subsequent audit evidence By having unique log-ins for for all users information can easily be updated reviewed and shared across departments plants and continents if required Link360 Software is incredibly easy to keep your procedures accurate compliant and sustainable across across all your departments across across multiple facilities By creating clear and easy to follow visually instructive safety procedures you can quickly scale and and and deploy standardised and and and approved Lock Out procedures across your facilities ensuring that you have a a a a a system in in place to easily manage your site safety procedures ICDre#at:ed: Revised:
3 ICDre#at:ed: 3109/078/2020 Revised:
Lockou3t Points
Lockout/TLaogckooutt/PTaogsotuetdPPosrotecdePdruorcedure SaFDaecspiclirtipyp:tiiRockwSeapllpSiRooluctkiownesllSolLuoctiaotion:s Location:RearoRfeEaxrpofeErtxpAertA
PULL ROLLPMULOLTRORLL2MOTOR 2 2 LNPocotekin:otust WbohtteoNnmoistoeof:lathtiengX1mWbdFoeohtvTteiocnemerr ismiosmofilnoaothtcavienkelegXBdt1mhloFseoecTtcokeSurr or1memnFliynotabvohelnreeBthTaloekecekrbSmro1etniFaonktabhe'orlerefrafTa'n keidlear mrnstEiedoncna'urolserfreufma' drileao invtEdhetnharsetthum'toreheoffevf'tehepbeaottrhdseteihtwaioefkenirbe erdreswiasfkiroreoelramsitsfirotohlnametiothne
device is lockLedoscekcuoruelyt oAnpthpelibcreaatkieornanPd rsoecueresdsin the 'off' position tags 5 Verify total de-energisPautilol RnoollfMaolltosroNuorc 2es Pull Roll Motor No 2 Main Panel Isolation
Main Panel Isolation
Pull Roll MotoSr12FS/eXc1oFndary Isolation
Pull Roll Motor 2 Secondary Isolation
S1F / X1F
30/07/2020 Facility: 19/08/2020 Description:
on: 1ta gNso t5if yVaeffreifyctteodtapledres-oenLneerolg i2sca kPtioronpuoefrtalyllAsshoputrpdcoelwsi cnamatciohine P3 rIsolacteasllsenergy sources sources 4 4 Apply Apply lockout lockout devices devices locks locks & & 1 Notify affected personnel 2 2 2 Properly shut down machine 3 Isolate all energy sources 4 Apply lockout devices locks & 09 Pull Roll Motor No 2 Step # 1 Electrical E-1 Primary Feed
E-1 Lockout Steps
E-2: S1F E-2: S1F Pull Roll Motor No 2 Step # E-1 E-3: X1F
The E-1 Disconnect is is located oCnonthtreoLlriPogahcntkseildo eTuortfntSheteMpains Danisdcoloncnkeocutt otheoffposition
Use a a a a a Padlock hasp and tag device Verification
2 Electrical 1 1 1 1 Electrical Electrical E-2 E-2 SecTonhdearEyF-1eeDdisconnloeccatteisdlwoicthaintetdhemUidsdeleaPadlodcekvi che aspandtag Attempptatnoerl estartatcontrol E-1 PrimaryFeed oCnonthtreolriPgahntseild eTDAMuoroafinvnetdhrBiePsraeiMdnaekanleinotrifptieopdothsadeisteoSvfEfi1cxFpe e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e rt panel Danisdcoloncnkeocutt othpeoosiftfiopnoasnitdiolonckout 2 2 2 Electrical 3E-3 ETelermTctihrnicaealBEllo-2ckS1FBreTloahckeaetEer-d3isoXn1tFheteTrmerimnUainslaeBlloaRcaCkilisrcuRtihtebmbroeovtateokmtehreolfofeXce1kdFowuTiterermsfiAnroatmtlempAptattnoeemrl eptstoartesattarctoanttcronltrol E-2 SecondaryFeed lDorcivaeterdPwanitehlinopthptpeoawmsnaietireld dsEltexhpeebrotttomdoefvtihcee Blockandsecure panel Move Breaker to the offVerification of of Energy Isolation
Vcoenritfryoltsh at at at at at at at at all peonesrigtiyonsoaunrcdesloacrek iosoulta ted and at at at at at at at at a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a Zero Energy Energy State by attempting to to to start start machine with normal operating
AttemEp-t3t:oXr1eFstart at at control panel ActioThne E-2 S1F Breaker is is is UsIenfaoCircuit breaker lockout AtteVmepritftiocaretsiotanrt at at at control control A and is identified as S1F 3 3 Electrical The E-3 X1F
terminal Block is E-3 E-3 TerminalBlock ltpoacwnaeterld dsothnethbeoTttoemrmoinfathleRail S(witwewS asfieteSsaofleustiolnustioLntds co uk)
Remove the feed wires from tBhleocbkoattnodmsoefcXu1reF Terminal +44 (0) 7899 715557
Attempt to restart at control panel Page 1 of 2 Verification
of Energy Isolation
Verify that all energy sources are isolated and at at at at at at a a a a a a a a a a a a a Zero Energy State by attempting to start machine with normal operating
controls S(witwewS asfieteSsaofleustiolnustioLntds co uk)
+44 (0) 7899 715557
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