Page 20 - Discover Botswana 23rd Edition 2023
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  Scientists are working on quantifying what is happening, and it will be their findings that help us make sound ongoing decisions. Hope can also be found in the work of conservationists, locals, and the love that anyone who has visited this place feels for it. For those of us for whom it is our home and livelihood, it is imperative that we act when we know what needs to be done, so that this truly unique place on earth may continue being experienced by generations to come.
Above: In the last fiery moments of a summer sunset, a Lilac- breasted Roller hawks for a last meal.
Daniel is a young photographer from Maun, Botswana. He grew up in the Okavango Delta whilst his parents managed safari camps. A sincere interest in the natural world and photographing it came from an early age and has steadily grown into a profession. Daniel has travelled extensively worldwide and spent long periods of time in the wilderness areas of Botswana. He now guides photographic safaris into these wild areas and is a strong advocate for conservation through his photographic work.

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