Page 67 - Discover Botswana 23rd Edition 2023
P. 67

The Kgalagadi in south western Botswana is an expansive wildlife park that straddles two countries and is one of the most sought- after destinations for nature lovers and photographers
alike. This protected area in the Kalahari Desert is characterised by red dunes and dry river beds in a setting that speaks of survival of the fittest and the fine balance between life and death itself. The players here fight hard to live and breath an existence in this great thirst land. Dry adapted cats like Lion, Cheetah and Leopard, rely largely on their prey species for
moisture for example. In fact, all creatures to be found here have their own unique ways and adaptations to survive this harsh landscape.
The Kgalagadi’s pure wildness first got my attention some ten years ago. As a wildlife photographer, finding interesting ways
to tell stories through my images simply meant spending vast amounts of time with my subjects looking to understand their
lives in depth and capturing their unique behaviour within the backdrop of this desert environment. My love for this place knows no boundaries and having published three books on the area, I still find myself intrigued and motivated to share more of it with the world.
Facing page: A lean young male Lion sets off across this beautiful desertscape in search of prey. Life here is not easy and only the fittest will survive this harsh environment.
Above inset: An African Wild Cat introduces her young kitten to the outside world from her well-hidden and protected den. These days of nurturing and strengthening her offspring are critically important as she raises the litter to adulthood. 67

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