Page 74 - Discover Botswana 23rd Edition 2023
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 Above: Two male Blue-headed Tree Agamas fight it out on the hot desert sands. A dominant male will emerge as victor to further his genetic interest by mating with the females.
Right: With what appears to be boundless energy coupled with a tenacious character, Honey Badgers will take on just about anything including a Leopard Tortoise.
Hannes is a renowned, award- winning wildlife photographer who has been taking images professionally since 2007. His first coffee table book was compiled over the course of the 5 years he spent deep in the Kalahari. His second book - Planet Okavango - took a further 2 years of photographing the world heritage listed wetland. Hannes’ work is a portrayal of many hours spent in the field targeting certain ideas and creatively finding a way to bring them to fruition through captivating imagery. His skills have earned him numerous awards and ensure that his work is frequently published worldwide.
Heat, mosquitoes, marauding Lions, Honey Badgers and Genets raiding our kitchen tent, downpours, punctures, bashed cameras and bushfires all made this life project most challenging indeed. But the rewards for Noa and myself remain the ability to share our world with others. We fell in love with this unique part of the African continent, and it will always be sad to leave when it is time to go. But I would like to leave you something that we live by. I always believe if you live an ordinary life, that you will tell ordinary stories. You have to live a life of adventure! Get out into nature as often as you can and whenever you. This is our life. Welcome to the Kalahari. Welcome to our world!

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