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WelcomAe to Botswana!
s we head into 2023, we must reflect on and appreciate the astounding amount of visitors now arriving into Botswana to witness and experience our beautiful land. We are thrilled once again, to be sharing with you the mighty Okavango Delta, Chobe, Linyanti, Tuli and the serene Kalahari.
The Okavango Delta, our pride and joy, is one of Africa’s most sought after destinations for viewing wildlife. The delta itself is the largest intact eco system in Southern Africa and supports a tremendous amount of bio diversity over an expansive area. With conservation being at the heart of our Nation, coupled with some of the world’s most beautiful lodges and camps, the delta is a must visit for the intrepid traveler. Make sure you experience the tranquility by mokoro (dugout canoe) or hop on a helicopter to get a bird’s eye view or simply enjoy the setting sun to the sound of Lions calling.
The Chobe River, with its astonishing density of wildlife attracts many a traveler to spend time in this wildlife wonderland. The Chobe is home to the highest density of Elephants left on Earth. With a safari to see our great rivers of the north and in stark contrast, the dry Kalahari to the south and the Tuli to the East, Botswana is a diverse untamed wilderness beckoning you to explore.
We are proud to present to you the 2023 edition of Discover Botswana. Extraordinary images from across the land from top photographers will take you on a wildlife and landscape journey fulfilling the desire to see more, feel more and understand more about the natural world. We welcome you to our beautiful Botswana.

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