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The past two years have seen the world respond to a terrible global pandemic. People’s lives have been suspended and economies have suffered huge setbacks. Our beautiful Botswana witnessed a slowing down of visitors due to the Covid-19 pandemic.
It is with great optimism that we now look towards 2022 and the return to some kind of normality. Our flagship destination, The Okavango Delta, has seen a beautiful flood occurring in 2021 and the Delta looked absolutely stunning through the peak of the water.
Despite the downturn in visitors, our lodges, camps and mobile safari offerings remained open and are all safe and ready to receive visitors from around the globe seeking to observe and witness some of nature’s greatest events. Whether you the
traveler are looking for a unique photographic opportunity or just to experience our protected wild places, Botswana has it all and so much more.
As we enter 2022, we welcome you back to enjoy unsurpassed hospitality in destination Botswana. Come and Discover Botswana with us.
We are ready to host you!
Botswana Tourism Organisation

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