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Kyle has spent the last few years exploring and guiding in the heart of Africa with a primary focus on conservation, adventure travel and refining tailored safari experiences for guests across the continent. His curiosity for the last great wildernesses left in Africa has led him into the deepest ecosystems in Central, West and East Africa. He is one of the very few naturalist and photographic guides to host guests on safari to these last great wilderness regions on the continent. His background in hospitality and nature guiding has formed the foundation for the detailed guest-centric approach to all of the safaris he leads and designs which revolve around one thing, guest empathy. Having spent time guiding
in South Africa in the Sabi Sands and the ‘Green Kalahari’, Kyle and his wife Ruth left the country and headed north towards Botswana where they spent 3 years managing a photographic concession in the Tuli Block. From there, Kyle and Ruth’s nomadic migration went one way. They packed their simple belongings and headed north to paddle the longest lake in the world for rhino conservation, Lake Tanganyika, before ‘settling’ in on the outskirts of the Okavango delta where they currently live down a sandy track on the Boro River in Maun. In between safaris, Kyle balances his time at home designing safaris and enjoying life with his son, Ira Wild, and family making the most of the simple things in life that matter most.
The miracle that exists on the very soils from where modern man evolved cannot do so without protection. Such a complex system of exchange of nutrients between organisms can only function when all the elements blend in perfect balance. Ironically, the custodians of the Okavango - humans - are the ones who threaten it. The Okavango Delta must be nurtured and preserved, it is not just the jewel and anomaly of the Kalahari, a desired travel destination or a place that can be left to function on its own. The Okavango is a beautiful accident of nature and, unsurprisingly, one of the greatest wildernesses left on earth. 31

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