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 Chobe: A Year Round Wildlife Wonderland
Guests often ask me: What is the best time of the year to visit Chobe?
My answer is usually...”it depends”. It depends on what your expectations are, which animals you would like to see, what type of picture you would like
to take, and, very importantly, whether you can bear some extreme heat! The Chobe National Park is impressive all year round. It is a treasure chest of natural wonders and every day you will find extraordinary events unfolding right in
front of your eyes. The Chobe National Park has such varying seasons that a wide range of habitats have formed, in turn bringing very interesting behaviour patterns and breeding habits for us to observe amongst the wildlife.
The first couple of months of the year are summer, and the height of the rainy season. Food is plentiful for all the grazers and browsers, and the animals are relaxed, happy, and healthy. The bush is thick and beautifully green which brings vibrant colours to your photographs, while skies of stormy clouds and sunrays also make for marvelous backdrops. Waterholes are not very busy at this time, especially inland towards Savuti, as there is plenty of water around and animals
Previous pages: Multiple breeding herds of Elephants cross the Chobe River to feed on the open grass plains exposed after the receding floods. The grass roots are nutritionaly valuable in their diet.
Facing page: Along Puku Flats, a Giraffe bends over to take a drink creating a perfect silhouette in the setting sun. Chobe’s rich fauna attract a multitude of photographers searching for the perfect image.

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