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ground-squirrels and mice, scorpions, and the odd lion, leopard or hyena in camp is the norm, and must be lived with. Vehicle breakdowns, punctures and waiting for spare parts can really test one’s patience, but when all is going according to plan, the thrill of being out every day capturing wildlife in stills and movie images is truly exhilarating, and makes it all worthwhile.
For wildlife and nature photographers, the Kalahari is a superb photographic destination. The wide open spaces resound to the roar of a Kalahari black-maned lion against a backdrop of dune, salt pans, camelthorn trees and abundant birdlife.
The Kalahari is one of the top destinations to encounter predators and birds of prey. Interactions between animals are frequent, and one of my favourite things to photograph. Recording the events and stories unfolding in front of your camera is immensely rewarding.
The birdlife in the Kalahari is truly exceptional. On a list of

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