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  lizards! Gabar goshawks are also sighted frequently, along with other common birds like tawny eagles, brown and black-breasted snake eagles, secretary birds, and greater kestrels. In the wetter months, harriers may be spotted, including Montagu’s kites, lanner falcons and black kites feeding on termites in mid-air.
In the Kalahari most of the camps are not fenced, so animals often walk right through them. During my 7 years there I certainly had my fair share of close encounters with predators!
It is said that one picture is worth a thousand words. One of the things I like best about nature photography is that the images can tell stories to those who view them. Well portrayed, they have the ability to show emotion and mood, sometimes conveying exquisite messages. So if you are an aspiring photographer, the Kalahari is a very good place to start!
Above: In over six years of photographing in the Kalahari and searching for a misty light scenario in which to capture a subject, I was finally rewarded in the month of June when a Brown Hyena came strolling along in the light scenario I had searched so hard for.
A renowned, award-winning wildlife photographer who has been taking pictures professionally since 2007. His first, striking coffee table book was compiled over the course of 5 years spent deep in the Kalahari. His second, Planet Okavango, took a further 2 years of photographing the world heritage listed wetland. Hannes work is a portrayal of many hours spent in the field, he targets certain ideas and creatively finds a way to bring them to fruition through captivating imagery. His skills have earned him numerous awards and ensure that his work is frequently published worldwide.

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