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 The seasons change everything. While the pan itself turns from white to blue, the real transformation takes place around its edges. Here, fresh grasses bring migrations of herd and flock. With them come the leaves, the flowers and the insects sporting an array of complexions hardly imaginable. The rainy months hold the colour prize for their sheer abundance and variety; all are on show, from the luminescent white of a trumpet flower to the flashy brilliance of a red headed weaver in a Baobab tree.
But do not discount the dry season, it holds its own special palette that is no less intense. As the green grass fades to yellow and finally brown, as the herds become a dusty memory and the land braces for the dry, the Makgadikgadi prepares its ace card. Gold. Golden grass, golden light, golden hide in golden dust. Few places exist where this colour is more widely represented, it manifests in everything and presents you with an everchanging experience as it displays its many hues. It pales a little during the heat of the day and one has to look slightly closer to find it in the hairs on a meerkat’s head, or slightly further to find it dancing on the simmering plains. Yet it is always there, and it lies in wait for those magical moments of dawn and dusk, when your unsuspecting senses come under siege from its brilliance in a sunset or a trail of dust. Makgadikgadi Gold, you will see nothing like it anywhere else.

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