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 Announcing... Botswana’s hidden beauty revealed in this exclusive new book
Reviewed by Berry Shaba
Discover Botswana Second Edition is an eight-chapter wonder. A high-class ... full colour pictorial that highlights the spectacular wilderness, wildlife, peoples
It takes you on a personalised safari across the length and breadth of Botswana.
From the crystalline waters of the planet’s largest inland delta – the Okavango. To the world’s largest salt
Botswana’s only World Heritage Site – Tsodilo Hills. You’re invited to interact with the country’s warm, friendly people, to experience its rich arts and culture, and to discover Africa’s fastest growing city, Gaborone,
Melenhorst served as founding director of Maun’s Nhabe Museum (Principal Curator of Design at Botswana National Museum) and was on the core team responsible for the successful world heritage nomination for Tsodilo Hills.
He gives you the wealth of experience he’s garnered throughout his years in Botswana: statistical data,
images are drawn from an exceptional team of world class photographers:
• Multi-award winning natural history and
National Geographic photographer, Frans
• National Geographic explorers -in-residence and
multi-award winners Dereck and Beverly Joubert.
• National Geographic underwater photographers
Jennifer Hayes and David Doubilet. ___________________________________________
“Pula’, meaning ‘rain’ in Setswana, is possibly the most important word in the national language. It is a rally call, an embodiment of triumph, victory and success. It is a way to open and close ceremonies and events. It is also the national currency. Most occasions in Botswana – public or personal – are
the second edition of Discover Botswana commemorative book is welcomed with this rallying call.”
Please note: because this is a high quality short-run – copies are limited.
Discover Botswana second edition is sponsored by the Botswana Tourism Organisation.
Dust covers, 200 pages, 30 cm by 30 cm
• Well-regarded regional photographer Richard Du Toit (South Africa)
• And locally based international photographers Tim and June Liversedge, Steve Stockhall, James
Frans Lanting, hailed as having the heart of a hunter, the mind of a scientist and the eyes of a poet, is one of the greatest natural history photographers of our time. His work is published in books, magazines, and exhibitions around the world.
National Geographic explorers-in-residence and multi-award winners Dereck and Beverly Joubert have produced over 25 full length documentaries, feature
and key African wildlife species.
Discover Botswana Second Edition also has contributions from National Geographic underwater photographers Jennifer Hayes and David Doubilet.
Doubilet has been a contract photographer for the magazine since 1976, has short numerous articles for the publication, and has published several books. Hayes is an aquatic biologist, writer and photographer specialising in natural history. Her images have been published in numerous books, magazine publications and advertising campaigns.
Richard du Toit, based in South Africa, is a professional wildlife and nature photographer, specialising in aerial photography.
Locally based photographers Vincent Grafhorst, James Gifford, Steven Stockhall, June Liversedge and Monirul Bhuiyan, highly regarded in their own right, have all published nationally, regionally and internationally.
it’s a gem. What a wonderful gift it would be.”
Hurry, don’t miss your chance to own this limited edition book.
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