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    Air Spring Mounting Kit Air Spring Spacer
   HEN S-22619/2
   13.5” 14”, 18” and 19” Ride Heights
   HEN S-22631/2
 16” Ride Height
 HEN S-22632/2
   17” Ride Height
  HEN B-22510-1
   Plastic, 11/8” Thick Spacer
   HEN B-22510-2
 Plastic, 17/8” Thick Spacer
 HEN B-22510-3
   Plastic, 31/8” Thick Spacer
  Air Spring Plate Shock Absorber Bolt Kit
   HEN S-24021
  23K and 25K Models Shipped Before 8/11/95
 HEN S-24021
  30K Front Mounted Shock
 HEN S-20031/2
   30K Rear mounted Shock
  HEN S-20905
   Air Spring Plate
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1-800-955-8558 east of the Continental divide or visit our website at: 10-29
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