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           3” Clean Out Cap
The Superdome Contains:
Girard DOT407LW - Pressure Relief Vent with the “T” Wrench disassembly feature.
Girard 407MVB-LS-T “New Generation” Magnetically Controlled Vacuum Breaker.
Stainless steel air accessory package: 1” full port ball valve, 45° elbow, universal “Chicago” connection with dust cap.
Liquid filled pressure gauge (0-60 PSI) housing and all internal components are stainless steel.
Betts model 8310LCW manhole cover and collar (6-hold down).
Girard 3” stainless steel cap on a 3” nozzle. Built in accordance with RP33-98 “Screw threads for clean-out nipples”.
Two strategically placed sealing/security tabs.
1/8” vinyl coated stainless steel braided cable attached to 3” cap.
  DOT407LW Pressure Relief Vent
New Generation Magnetic Vacuum Breaker with Air Accessory Package
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