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The Holland Formula 150 LG150-1CV-CS502 was designed for Maersk Sealand Chassis, and is ONLY interchangeable with the Homan HH500 and Dayton DCG landing gear. The LG150-1CV-CS502 is NOT interchangeable with any other Holland Formula 150 landing gear model.
Model Identification and Comparison
2 Speed Leg Comparison
LG150-1CV-CS502* Landing Gear Set Maersk Sealand Part Number
XA-152-1CV-CS502* 2 Speede Leg .........................108303
Identify the proper model by locating and/or comparing these three features:
1. Gear box is cropped for chassis mounting
2. The position of the mounting plate.
 The gear box is cropped for chassis mounting.
Mounting Plate
30.688 Retracted Height
Standard Low Profile Sand Shoe 2 x 10 x 10
17” Travel
* CS502 denotes Maersk Sealand model.
Standard Formula 150
The mounting plate is positioned for interchangeability. Note the height difference from a standard Formula 150, as seen at right).
7.500 4.500
3. Model number and date stamp.
150-1CV-CS502 0121
Model number and date stamp identification is on the outside of the leg. For model shown, the number is 150-1CV-502.
2.250 TYP.
Mounting Plate
3.250 1.230
2.250 3.188 TYP.
7.500 3.750
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