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                                                                                                       April 2023


                                                                 As I mentioned in
                                          I’ll open with a note
        Bottom                          on a great man and      December during the

        Line                            great friend of Gray.   Gray, Inc. Yearly Recap,
                                        Lisle Wade started
                                                                the formalization of
                                        Wade Architectural
                                                                these areas was a
                                        about 40 years          need-driven request
                        ago and they executed nearly 700        from other businesses
                        projects for Gray Construction.  Lisle   to provide clarity at
                        died on February 22nd. 700 projects     the Gray, Inc. level and
                        is a lot of opportunity for things to   guide us into the future.
                        go wrong with some angry words           Our values are our foundation. The Purpose, Vision,
                        here and there. Yet, Lisle never had    and Guiding Principles complement our values.
        Lisle Wade
                        a sustained angry moment on any         continued on page 3
        of those projects. There may have been some tense
        times, but as he told us several times, he never had
        a lasting disagreement with any Gray team member.
        He was calm and patient, with an enduring smile;
        always true to his word, and completely loyal to his
        friends. We were fortunate to have him in our lives,
        and he will be dearly missed for his friendship and his
        example of how to live. Our prayers remain with his
        family and his colleagues at Wade Architectural.
          I hope everyone’s year is off to a great start! A lot
        has changed over the past few years at Gray. We’ve
        had growth beyond expectations. And to better
        position us for this growth, we recently rolled out a
        refreshed Purpose, Vision, and Guiding Principles
        (shown to the right).
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