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  Spirituality in the home
Love letter to a child
One family wrote a baptismal letter to their baby, held in safe keeping until such time as she is old enough to read it herself. In part the letter reads:
“Dear Jamie Claire.
This letter was written on the day of your baptism.
You won’t remember that day, but we will remember it and we want you to know that on that day you were surrounded by love. First of all, by the love of your Mum and Dad; but also your grandparents, great grandparents, godparents, aunts and uncles, cousins, parishioners and many special friends.
Jamie, we believe that this love is part of an even greater Love—God’s love; for God is the one who has known you from the beginning of time and who will never stop loving you, for all eternity.
Jamie, your baptism was a warm welcome into a great family of faith, stretching right back to Abraham and Sarah, and surrounding you now through your Church family.
On that day we prayed that you would come to know Jesus as a friend. We prayed that the circle of love at your baptism would surround you all the days of your life.
We prayed that you would discover all the wonderful Spirit-filled gifts God has given you, and use them well.
Jamie, welcome to the Church. Consider yourself hugged by us all!”
Love one another as I have loved you. John 14:12
6. A final word...
Baptism is the beginning of your child’s sacramental journey as a Catholic. It is a magnificent first step! We congratulate you. Enjoy and celebrate this moment.
And may this celebration spur you on to always kindle the flame of Christ’s love in your child’s life. The most important way to do this is to foster your child’s relationship with good, loving people of Christian faith: in your parish, school, neighbourhood, and most especially within your own family.
Above all, your own parental relationship with Jesus, your witness to love of God and neighbour, will be most influential in your child’s faith development.
Often times parents find that their child’s baptism awakens new thoughts and questions in their own adult spiritual life. This is to be expected—children teach their parents as much as they are taught! As with all sacramental preparation in your child’s life, this is an opportunity to learn together. Growing in relationship with God is a deeply personal journey, but it is also a family affair.
With your child, may you continue to deepen the life of baptism, enriched by the support of others who love Jesus and who commit themselves to living and loving in his name.
On each anniversary of your child’s baptism, sit with your child, light their baptism candle and invite God’s love into your life together as family.
In this way you will be teaching your child to pray, and you will be creating a powerful link to the next stage of your child’s sacramental journey.
At the back of this booklet you will find a ‘keepsake’ for recording some of the details of your child’s baptism day. Go to this after the baptism as you pause to savour the greatness of this day. It will also serve as a practical gift to your child in later years as you help him/her to understand the meaning of baptism.

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