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  Further Resources
Your Baby’s Baptism: a guide for parents.
A helpful booklet from Majellan Publications.
Christ-bearers: Understanding Baptism
An audio-visual resource available from Catholic Enquiry Centre.
Catholic faith
The occasion of a child’s baptism can often lead parents to seek further information about the Catholic faith.
The Catholic Enquiry Centre (Australia)
provides information to people enquiring about the Catholic faith.
So You’re Seeking to Renew Your Faith: a friendly guide to the
Catholic tradition.
An engaging booklet by Fr Tony Doherty. Garratt Publishing.
Living as part of the Catholic tradition is a multi-faceted experience. It touches us spiritually, physically, emotionally, intellectually, socially. This tradition embraces different experiences and expressions of being Catholic. We encourage you to continue to explore the lifegiving possibilities within its vast networks as you raise your child.
Your home parish and nearby parishes are a starting point for information (personnel, websites, publications and programs). Likewise, your diocesan website offers a starting point. Or enlist the help of a Catholic friend.
Within the Catholic community you will find information centres, bookshops, websites, seminars, publications and programs on offer. A few examples follow.
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