Page 36 - West Pennant Hills Cherrybrook Cricket Club Yearbook 2016-17
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It was all a new experience to the 22 kids who registered with the WPHCCC to play under 8 cricket. It was also fresh but a valuable experience for the coaches, managers and the parents.
This season, with 22 players registered for the under 8s, we formed three teams. The Gold team guided by Paul Higham and Tovin Honeyset; The Reds under the coaching and management of Kam Patel and Muditha Dissanayake; and the Blue team under the guidance of Mick Dalton and Thilina Abeysinghe.
Some of the players had limited cricket experience and some were new to the game. The coaches and managers with the support of the parents, well coached and trained the kids; the results of which were evident as the season progressed.
Thank you to the WPHCCC for providing the specialised coaching sessions to the under 8s who took advantage of the offer and gained further cricketing skills.
The players improved their cricketing skills in every game they played. The team spirit was great with all three teams having their own fun at training and at the games. Sportsmanship was encouraged and the players were keen in playing cricket. The kids loved it and the coaches and managers were delighted with the end results. By the end of the season all kids were bowling, batting and fielding very well. A successful season for the Under 8s.
We look forward to another wonderful season of cricket next summer, but at a slightly senior level - The Under 9s.

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