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Girl’s cricket
Graham’s Report covers the Girls but it is worth calling out a couple a special achievements. Our Girls figured in some News articles throughout the season: just-phenomenal-story-womens-cricket-set-boom- australia-back-huge-cash-injection
& a Facebook post too ef=ts&ref=br_tf&qsefr=1
 Heat cancellation – a first
On Saturday 11th February 2017 the Association abandoned all play due to predicted heat – the first time in our Association history going back to 1921.
Sydney had a record breaking 3 successive days of high temperatures with Friday 45, 44 on Saturday and 45 degrees on Sunday. Sydney’s West also recorded its hottest ever day, hitting 46.9 degrees at Penrith, while Richmond touched the 47 degree mark.
 In the Hornsby area temperatures peaked at 44.5 degrees on the Saturday. As an aside, the coldest Hornsby temperature for February was 9.2 degrees on 28 February 1989.
The Sydney Cricket Association that administers the Grade Competition abandoned all Competition games – the first time since being established in 1853.
Level 1 Coaching
This year we ran our 9th Club funded Level 1 Coaching Program in conjunction with CNSW and had 8 participants. Congratulations to our latest Level 1 Coaches:
Josh Banner Sumitha De Silva Warwick Best Vinod Kumar Matt Digby Kam Patel Muditha Dissanayake
Country Carnivals
This season the U14s and U15s participated at the following Country Carnivals and had some great results that will be covered in Julian’s Juniors report:
• Tamworth JCU (U14s)
• Walter Taylor Shield (Armidale – U15s)
We didn’t participate in the Stan Austin Cup (Taree U16s) this season but will be certain starters next season.

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