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After 29 years as President the time came to move on from this role to both position us for the future and for an orderly changing of the guard. This fulfils a longer term view that was built into our structure at the previous AGM to split the role of President to President & Chairperson. Briefly, I would like to reflect on where we have come from over the past 30 years in the context of our volunteers who have contributed so much to making us who we are and what this means for our future. I would also like to welcome Andrew Miedler as our new President who I know will do a magnificent job.
There have been many achievements but the standout ones are:
• In 1985/86 we had 18 teams (8 Seniors and 10 Juniors), no Kanga and no Girls cricket.
• Last season we had 43 teams (12 Seniors and 31 Juniors), 103 Kanga and 41 Girls playing.
• Since Kanga was introduced in 1992/93, 2035 children have been introduced to a lifetime of cricket. Since being introduced in 1996/97, 595 Girls also have played with our club.
• Our local brand and the relationship with the schools in our catchment area is strong and this has sustained us despite an ageing demographic and changing mix.
• Our long term relationship with the WPH Sports Club is also worthy of special mention. Our relationship goes back over 50 years and today remains extremely strong .
• Our achievements have not been by chance. It is the result of a strategy implemented by our wonderful volunteers.
• Finally, to see our A1 side win a Club record 4th consecutive premiership last season was very satisfying. For this side to comprise 9 players who graduated from our Juniors, many of whom had come through from Kanga is exciting.
To recap on last season, mention must be made of the death of Philip Hughes. This had a national impact. For our Club it also hit hard. Our Photo Gallery has a number of shots showing how our members marked this tragic event from KangatoA1.Toseeeveryteamthoughobserveaminute’ssilence,wearblackarmbandsand doanumberofother team specific remembrances was very special.
On the field, it was again pleasing to see so few issues on and off the field and those that did pop up were resolved quickly.
Finally, I would like to outline some highlights:
I would again like to make a special mention to our volunteers. This season we had over 200 volunteers involved in running our Club – our Executive leadership team, coaches, managers, gear stewards, umpires, scorers. Add to this our parents who come along to support their children is outstanding.
Pink Stumps Day
Over the last few years our U9s have run our Pink Stumps Day fund raising for this great cause. This year Joseph Cooray and his U9 parents raised an impressive $6,800 for the McGrath Foundation. Thank you to Joseph and his team of helpers on making a difference.
WPH Sports Club
We have a great relationship with the WPH Sports Club. Apart from being valued sponsors, this is a relationship that continues to strengthen over the years. Our appreciation and thanks go to the Directors, CEO Jason Read, his staff and everyone at the Sports Club.
Community support
In addition to our annual McGrath Foundation support , this season we established a relationship with the All Abilities Program to provide cricketing opportunity for those young people in our community who love cricket and have a disability.WorkingwithAllAbilitiesNSWwestartedaprogramatEdwardBennett OvalinconjunctionwiththeT20 Blast and from a small base of 4 people we have the potential to continue this association.
President’s Award (Jim Fuggle Trophy)
Roger Friend is this season’s winner. Roger has captained many seniors teams since joining us in 1996/97 but he has also contributed much more behind the scenes which has led to this award. Roger is also our Seniors Registrar - a role making sure that every player is correctly registered and plays in the right grade. Roger also represents us on the Association’s Senior Competition Committee. Finally, Roger had major hip surgery this season and was still processing registrations just days into his recovery. Thanks for your efforts Roger.
Next season we move into our 85th year with a high level of confidence that 2015/16 will be another very good season.
Barry McDonald Chairperson

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