Page 6 - West Pennant Hills Cherrybrook Cricket Club Yearbook 2014-15
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Country Carnivals
Our Club offers a unique opportunity to everyone in our U14, U15 and U16 age Divisions to play against country representative standard sides in Carnivals at major country centres played over the New Year period. This has become a highlight of our calendar and the feedback from those attending is consistently great. Congratulations to our touring Teams this season:
• U14TamworthJCUCarnival
• U15WalterTaylorShield(Armidale) • U16 Stan Austin Cup (Taree)
The following link to NBN News from Taree is worth looking at – it gives an interesting insight how we are seen by our Country friends: – carnival/
Our focus on Coaching is without peer by a Club in our Association:
• Stu Newman’s Coaching Clinic
Last season we ended our successful 4 year Association Dean Gilchrist’s Sportspro. Our aim was to develop an organic approach where our own coaches run skills sessions under the direction of Stuart’s Professional Program led by Level 2 and Level 1 Coaches. Feedback has been very good and we are building a coaching career path for our own talented players
• Level 1
Coaching Last season we ran our 7th Club funded Level 1 Coaching Course facilitated by CNSW. We pay for our people to undertake the Coaching course and since starting in 2007/08 we have had 138 people get their qualification. Congratulations to our latest Level 1 Coaches:
  Gnanasekaram Balasubramanian Daren Kelly
Carl Murray
Harrison Norrell
Nikki O’Meara Chandra Pattabhiraman
Association Coaching Clinics
Jay Polwaththe
Sreeni Pillamarri Richard Stalenberg Georgia Willmott Kasun Wickrama Dinesh Ramachandran
The HK&HDCA Coaches Association under Bruce Wood is doing a fantastic job in running Coaching Clinics for players across our Association. This season the Association trialled George Thornton Reserve and we had 77.4% of all Association Registrations. This was in addition to our support at the other venues. Well done to everyone involved for making this such a success.
The future
Our present is exciting and our future is just as exciting. Results this season, the growth in Girls, our great culture are things we can be collectively proud about. Also our strong Juniors (Kanga, Boys and Girls) will provide the next generation of players and administrators, our new strategy and an energetic and highly talented Executive Leadership team gives us confidence that the future is one we can look forward to.
Ross Anderson Director Operations

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