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Just as the NDIS is currently reviewing the design, operations and sustainability of the NDIS scheme to solve problems and offer better solutions for participants of the NDIS, so too have we undertaken own own review to improve our services to people with a disability.
Currently our NDIS customers represent 30% of our overall cohort, behind our aged care customers at 60% and our PHN funded programs at 10%. We are registered under Category 7 of the NDIS for Support Coordination and Psychosocial Recovery Coaching.
Part of our focus over the past year has been to better understand our customers needs and to be more active in the wider disability community. We did this through investing in the following areas:
Conducted a series of webinars to inform industry and community about our NDIS offerings and to showcase our experts Participated in sector and community events to engage and educate our referrers and NDIS participants about our service
Promoted and advertised our service offering directly to the community through print and digital advertising
Undertook research to help us better understand the cost of delivering high quality NDIS services and to guide a revised model of care with a more personalised focus
Understandably, people with a disability want to be supported by staff who are knowledgeable about the NDIS and can help them get the most out of their plan. Taking steps to continue improving our expertise is a key focus for us.
As an NDIS participant I was unsure whether the Care Circle model was going to be right for me as I had previously had my own case manager who understood me and knew what supports I needed.
What I found though, was that instead of only having one person who understood me, that I had at least two who knew me well, so I no longer feel concerned, but instead very supported and thankful.
The Care Circle model is a good initiative.

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