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Increasing demand on CCNB’s mental health services was evidenced over the past year, with The Way Back (TWB) service assisting an additional 138 people over the funded government requirement.
In addition to the increased demand seen through TWB (which supports people who have recently experienced a suicidal crisis or attempted suicide), CCNB continued to take steps to build individual and community capability and capacity in mental health by:
Applying for Suicide Prevention Accreditation Conducting a Community fundraising event to raise money for a youth mental health charity Providing grant funding to three grassroots organisations to assist them to deliver community mental health programs Facilitating regular Dementia Advisory Service (DAS) coffee catch-ups
Supporting community members referred through our GP social work program Organising an annual memorial gathering to support families bereaved by suicide Assisting people with hoarding tendencies to manage their home environment
Providing Psychosocial Recovery Coaching to eligible NDIS participants, and
Participating in community mental health events to connect with people seeking support
These services and programs are either funded by CCNB, through the NDIS, by the Sydney North Health Network (SNHN) or by Beyond Blue.
Funding for TWB service transferred from Beyond Blue at the end of the financial year to the SNHN.
A transgender client aged 17 years attempted suicide, experiencing discrimination at school and with family.
The Way Back (TWB) team implemented a safety plan and referred to a GP and a Psychiatrist with LGBTQI training.
Counselling and additional school-based support was provided to the client.
Additional referral pathways were established with ACON to further support the client.
The client reported positive feedback about TWB service.
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