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Tradition of the Southern Arizona Architectural Style and

                                        Names of Red Hawk J6 Homes

               With its rich history in mining and search for wealth, Southern Arizona is home to over 80 towns of
               the 1800’s (ghost towns). Each with its own history of determination, resilience  and intrigue The
               Southwest lives on in spirit and beauty and the riches that attracted the settlers of the 1800’s.

               The building aesthetics of historic southwest architecture are characterized by heavy stucco walls
               and pitched metal roofs.

               This style evolved in the desert southwest in response to the local climate and available materials.
               Warm summers interrupted by torrential monsoon rains and winters that produce occasional snow,
               called for strong roof forms that readily shed precipitation and the high ceilings that  encouraged
               passive ventilation and let hot air rise above the habitable space. The traditional, thick walls
               delayed the heat transfer of the day until the cool of night. In the winter, the walls radiated the
               gathered heat into the interior as the outside temperature fell.

               The Territorial, and Southwest Models pay homage to this historic architectural aesthetic yet use
               modern building technologies. The exterior walls are Tyvek wrapped then stuccoed over 2x6 wood
               frame with BASF Open Cell Polyurethane Spray Foam Insulation and gypsum board at the interior side.
               An occasional offset in the lower portion of the territorial exterior walls creates a visual accent and
               recalls the ‘guardapolvos’ or ‘dust guard’ bases seen in traditional Mexican architecture.

               Southwest Desert Modern morphs from the Traditional Styles of  the Southwest. Glass, angles,
               stone and multiple covered patios are characteristic of this Style.

               The homes may be appointed with an optional energy package that includes 10 smart Deako light
               switches, a Rheem 66-gallon hybrid hot water heater, Mitsubishi Mini Split air conditioning, and
               living pattern NEST smart thermostats. All homes are solar ready to accept an array of solar
               The Homes of Red Hawk at J6 are named after the wonderful and intriguing towns and places that
               represent Southern Arizona’s past and historical surroundings.

                    Territorial                       Southwest                    Desert Modern

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