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                                               NEW HOME                              USED HOME

                                                  Meets all current codes for           Updating, floor plan
            COMPLIANCE                            safety and construction               changes, room additions
                                                                                        may require a significant
                                                                                        update to meet current code.

                                                  Systems are new and                   Older systems require

           MAINTENANCE                            maintenance cost is lower             replacement due to
                                                                                        obsolescence, aging and
                                                                                        wear and tear
                                                                                          Very likely that a used and

                                                  Green Red Hawk homes                  experienced home is poorly

         ENERGY – Go Green                        incorporate the most modern           insulated, and  HVAC
                                                  energy efficiency solutions           systems and lighting
                                                                                        consume an unusual amount
                                                                                        of power. Check the used
                                                                                        home’s utility bills.

                           Rheem Platinum 66 Gallon Hybrid High Efficiency Smart Tank Electric Water. Heats water at

                            40% of the cost of a traditional electric water heater.

                           14 Seer efficient American Standard Heat Pumps provide economical heat and cool on demand.
                           Mitsubishi Split Systems are a good choice for the entire home or rooms with less occupancy.
                           NEST Thermostats learn your home and away habits saving valuable energy when you are at
                            home and away from home.
                           LED energy efficient lighting throughout the home.
                           Smart Lighting Control turns lights on and off on your schedule.
                           Dual Pane UV efficient windows and doors reduce heat and cold transfer from outside.

                           Tyvek wrap and BASF Open Cell Polyurethane Foam insulation reduces thermal transfer.
                           All homes are SOLAR READY with conduit leading to the ideal Solar Array area.
                           SOLAR ARRAY UPGRADE available with the capability of providing all necessary power to
                            produce a ZERO Sulfur Springs electric utility bill including ample power to charge an EV auto.
                           Tax incentives may be available on energy conservation choices.

                     Red Hawk Tucson Office, 1650 North Kolb, Suite 132, Tucson AZ, 85715, Helen Baker (520) 360-0944
                Red Hawk Sales Office – I-10 and J6 Ranch Road, follow signs south to sales office, Jim Vermilyea (520)-490-1218
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