Page 5 - Red Hawk e-catalog 10-16-2020
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NEST Smart Home Thermostats learn you needs & know when you are home or
                    away. NEST security system integrates home security and environment control.

                                       American Standard Heat
                                       pumps are an excellent source of
                                       energy-efficient heat for your
                                       home, with the added benefit of
                                       cooling your home in the summer
                                       months. Heat pumps can reduce
                                       your energy bill for heating by        For maximum energy
                                       60% compared to natural gas.           efficiency Use the Mitsubishi
                                       One System for each side of your       split system throughout your
                                       smart home and call for Heat or        new home of combine with
                                                                              American Standard System
                                       Cooling when needed.

                                                            Optional Solar
                                                             Reduce your
                                                          electric bill to Zero
                                                            with power left
                                                           over for your EV
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